December 8 and 9, 2023
Seattle, WA

Neither HushCon, nor its staff, will prevent the delivery of accepted content once it has been scheduled for presentation - Don't have your outreach and/or lawyers contact us about something you don't like being presented; until it's a legal matter we don't care!

The times listed include speaker setup and teardown. Also, we're human, so the schedule is subject to change.
Friday, December 8th
10:00 AM Keeping your Parts Private: Preserving Privacy in Modern Identity Frameworks Nick Steele 10:30 AM When EDR Is Stupid, You Don't Need to be Smart @ttimzen and @r00tkillah 11:00 AM How China Hacks the Planet Redacted 11:30 AM Redacted Redacted 11:45 AM How I and Others Hack Around Our Parent's Limitations Leaf Kowalczyk 12:00 PM Lunch 1:00 PM Bluetooth Demystification: Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood @jimi2x303 2:00 PM Zero Knowledge VM Hijinks Dean Pierce 3:00 PM Break 3:15 PM Malware, But on Someone Else's Computer @spiderspiders_ 3:45 PM Reverse Engineering Half a Thing / Firmware Archeology on a British Fuze Setter amtal 4:15 PM Break 4:30 PM Keynote 5:30 PM Done
Saturday, December 9th
10:00 AM NYC's Cyber Hero and Benevolent Hacker W00Tock 10:30 AM What Even is the Internet, Really? LANRAT 11:00 AM Bastardo Grande: Hunting the biggest black market bike fence in the world @abyssdomianxprt 12:00 PM Lunch 1:30 PM Unpublishable Car Hacking Results @supersat 2:00 PM Fuzzing: The Age of Vulnerability Discovery @richinseattle 3:00 PM Break 3:15 PM Ultra-Efficient MIFARE Classic Attacks and New Frontiers in Smartcard Security @noproto 4:15 PM Talk Roulette HushCon 5:00 PM Closing 5:30 PM Done
Saturday Night Partay! (details provided at con)

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