June 7th & 8th 2019
New York City, NY

Neither HushCon, nor its staff, will prevent the delivery of accepted content once it has been scheduled for presentation - Don't have your outreach and/or lawyers contact us about something you don't like being presented; until it's a legal matter we don't care!
9:15 Doors Open/Registration HushCon Staff 9:50 Opening Remarks HushCon Staff 10:00 Building WMD: The Weapon of Math Destruction ufurnace 11:00 Storytime with Viss and Packetknife Viss and Packetknife 12:00 Lunch YOU 13:00 Case study in abusing modern VoIP PBX systems bl4ckw0lf 14:00 BLE: Leaking Everything Bleep J. Bloropenburg and nop 15:00 Break YOU 15:15 REDACTED REDACTED 16:00 Talk Roulette YOU 16:45 End Day One words HushCon Staff 17:00 GTFO EVERYONE
9:30 Doors Open/Registration HushCon Staff 10:00 KEYNOTE Mike Godwin 11:00 More Tales From the Crypt...Analyst @MrJeffMan 12:00 Lunch YOU 13:00 Chip Decapping on a Budget funsized 13:45 Fuzzy Dolphin James Chambers 14:15 Data Access Rights Exploits Under New Privacy Laws Amber Welch 14:45 Break YOU 15:00 Screw it; let's start over Name_too_long 15:45 Passwords suck and you can too. thesle3p 16:15 Behavioral Security and Offensive Psychology at Scale Josh Schwartz and Samantha Davison 17:00 Closing Ceremonies HushCon Staff 17:30 GTFO EVERYONE
Saturday Partay! @ DROM - Sponsored by Red Balloon Security!!!
Dual Core x FuzzyNop
Schaffer The Darklord
LEX The Lexicon Artist
Mikal kHill
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Sunday - "Lushcon" @ 11am
Augurs Well
Address: 115 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009

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