x HushCon 2018
December 7th & 8th 2018
Seattle, WA
This is HushCon. This is your brain on HushCon...

Welcome to HushCon, Seattle's (and now New York's!) community oriented security and hacking conference - though that's not our focus, simply our background. The goal of our conference is to get smart people together and talk about variety of interesting topics. Exclusivity isn't our goal, but it is our firewall - HushCon is an invite-only event; we invite some folks, they invite some others, before you know it we have a well rounded conference. We rely on the best authoritative trust, our friends.

Didn't receive an invite? You need to get out more. Seriously, a little socializing goes a long way these days.

HushCon is designed for everyone to be both an attendee as well as a presenter, it's an invite only event for a reason. We want YOU here, as well as those you feel would mutually benefit our scene. This year's conference will be held in December, on the heels of some other awesome social gatherings, can you think of a better place to be in December?.

We look forward to seeing you there and making this an awesome year to be a part of!

.:: HushCon Staff ::.
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