June 1st & 2nd 2018

Neither HushCon, nor its staff, will prevent the delivery of accepted content once it has been scheduled for presentation - Don't have your outreach and/or lawyers contact us about something you don't like being presented; until it's a legal matter we don't care!
9:15 Doors Open/Registration @HushCon 9:50 Opening Remarks @HushCon 10:00 Adware is just Malware with a Legal Department - How we Reverse Engineered OSX/Pirrit, Got Legal Threats and Survived @0xAmit 10:45 skiptracer - Ghetto OSINT for Broke Ass Hackers @xillwillx 11:15 Life Out of the Shadows: APT Cyber'ing to the Private Sector Circus @jckichen 12:00 Lunch All 13:00 Protocol-fuzzing LTE Mobile Networks with Open-Source Tools, Testing Protocol Exploits and Analyzing Their Potential Impact on 5G Mobile Networks @rgoestotheshows 14:00 Keynote @HarriHursti 15:00 Break All 15:15 Fuzzing-Driven Code Auditing and Vice Versa REDACTED 16:00 The New Hotness - Hunting for Code Similarity at Scale @juanandres_gs 16:30 Talk Roulette All 17:15 Done All
Friday Partay!
20:00 Doors Open 21:00 Party/Show: LEX the Lexicon Artist, Schaffer the Darklord (@markschaffer) , Mikal kHill (@kHillmatic), Dual Core (@dualcoremusic) with FuzzyNop (@FuzzyNop) 2:00 Done
9:30 Doors Open/Registration @HushCon 10:00 PacketChat Radio: A Hacker's Journey of First Times REDACTED 11:00 Adventures in ROM Hacking @jamchamb_ 11:30 Prebellico - A 100% Passive Pre-Engagement Network Reconnaissance Tool @VICT0RIS 12:00 Lunch All 13:00 Hey Everyone, Break Our Stuff @mcmahoniel 13:45 Separation Geometry for the Working Hacker @intoverflow 14:45 Lightning Talks (sign up at the registration desk) TBD 15:00 Break All 15:15 Auralizing Network Traffic - A Sound-Based Approach to Network Analysis @killianditch 16:00 Looking Under Rocks: Analyzing Leaks for Metadata and see Things that Can't be Unseen @curtinseufert 16:45 Closing Remarks @HushCon 17:00 Done All

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