December 7th & 8th 2018
Seattle, WA

Neither HushCon, nor its staff, will prevent the delivery of accepted content once it has been scheduled for presentation - Don't have your outreach and/or lawyers contact us about something you don't like being presented; until it's a legal matter we don't care!
9:30 Doors Open/Registration All 9:50 Opening Remarks @HushCon 10:00 Missing Security Foundations in Linux MIPS Parker Thompson (@m0thran) 10:45 An Encyclopedia of Wiretaps Wendy Knox Everette (@wendyck) 11:30 You Can Run, But That's Why You Can't Hide: Analyzing Strava Fitness Data Dakota Nelson (@jerkota) 11:45 LUNCH All 13:00 IMSI Catchers Demystified Karl Koscher and Peter Ney (@supersat @_peterney) 14:00 Hacking and Hardening Kubernetes Jay Beale (@jaybeale) 15:00 Break All 15:15 Advancing State-of-the-Art in Binary Forensics with libelfmaster @elfmaster 16:00 IOKit Revisited, Kernel UAF in OSX Graphics Rendering Tyler Bohan 16:30 Talk Roulette All 17:30 Done All
Friday Partay! @ Ada's Technical Books
21:00 Drinks provided by Ada's and ToorCon All
9:30 Doors Open/Registration All 10:00 How to bug Hotel Rooms @Viss 11:00 KEYNOTE TBA 12:00 LUNCH All 13:00 Taint Driven Crash Triage @richinseattle 14:00 Killerbeez: It's like AFL on Steroids REDACTED 15:00 Break All 15:15 Stumbling into a Pigeon's Nest @willscott 15:30 Data Recovery Experts: Not so SMART now, are you?! @MrDe4d 16:30 Developing a Linux Rootkit: Kernel Internals & Subversive Techniques meta 17:30 Closing Remarks @HushCon 17:45 GTFO All
Saturday Partay! NerdCore Show @ Barboza
19:00 Doors and House Music 19:30 Klopfenpop 20:00 Mikal kHill 20:40 LEX the Lexicon Artist 21:30 Dual Core x FuzzyNop
Sunday - PJ Con @ Unicorn
11:00 Breakfast buffet $12 + tax.

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